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Issac Miller Signature SCS and Fork All River Wheels In Stock + New Signature Wheels Tom K Tomahawk Signature Fork from Tilt New completes in stock Chema Cardenas Signature Grippers V2 Ouroboros Stefan Hefner Signature Wheel Vex Shoes Ethic Lindworm Decks

Why Get a Pro Scooter From FD?

Since 2006 Freestyle Depot has specialized in supplying freestyle scooter riders with the best pro scooters and parts the industry has to offer. Freestyle Depot is The Original Freestyle Scooter Store and continues to be a rider owned operation. We are 100% knowledgeable in every aspect of the sport and are here to help you find the best pro scooter to fit your needs whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran.

Featured Freestyle Scooter Products

Below you'll find a mix of some of the newest scooters, our best sellers, as well as our recent specials.

TILT Legacy Fork Issac Miller Signature Silver Black TSI 5.0 Sledge Deck PROTO Street Lube Wax Red Strawberry Scent TILT Tall Stack Headset Black
PROTO Street Lube Wax White Coconut Scent AO Stealth 2 Deck Red River Wheels Rapids Greg Cohen Sig Mint on Gold River Wheel Co Glide Stefan Hefner 110mm Purple on Grey
AO Stealth 2 Deck (Red)
Our Price: $189.95
Lucky Crew Complete Scooter Blue and Black Ethic Complete 100mm Black Envy 2015 Prodigy Complete Polished 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee Black on Black
LUCKY Crew -Complete Scooter 100mm
Our Price: $229.95
Sale Price: $199.95
ENVY 2015 Prodigy Complete
Our Price: $209.99
River Wheel Co Glide Ryan Gould 110mm Gum on Black Polished Ethic V3 Brake Raptor Cory Vanlew Signature Grips Hella Grip Formula G Classic Original Yellow Blue
Lucky Tens Wheel Black on Black 5Starr Ethos Complete Gun Metal TILT Tall Stack Headset Limited Edition Red Ethic Pandemonium Deck 21 Trans Black
Ethic Pandemonium Deck 22.5 Black PROTO Chema Cardenas Signature Gripper V2 110mm Wheels TSI Thom Cat V2 Fork Black Ethic Lindworm deck
TSI - Thom Cat Fork V2
Our Price: $87.95
187 Killer Pads Helmet Matte Black Proto Retro Lite Bar Brilliant Silver Aztek Anthem Fork Black Black TSI 5.0 Sledge Deck
Aztek Anthem Fork (Black)
Our Price: $69.99
Envy 2015 KOS Soul Complete Gum and Gray Lucky Kota Sig Complete Scooter Black Ethic Almasty Handle Bar 22.5 Black 5Starr Sector 5 Complete Black
LUCKY Kota -Complete Scooter (Black/Black) 110mm
Our Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $249.95
Hella Grip -Dan Barret Sig Grip Tape Proto Sacred Geometry Tee TILT Nimbus Fork Gold AO Stealth 2 Deck Blue
TILT - Nimbus Fork (Gold)
Our Price: $95.00
AO Stealth 2 Deck (Blue)
Our Price: $189.95
TILT ARC SCS LT Issac Miller Signature Silver Ethic Pandemonium Deck 21 Trans Polished TILT Chicago Quality Pocket Tee Black TILT Tomahawk Fork Black
Hella Grip - Jake Sorensen Colorway- Red and White AO Stealth 2 Deck Chrome Raptor Remi Bouchard Signature Bar Black Medium Ethic Pandemonium Deck 22.5 Trans Polished
AO Stealth 2 Deck (Chrome)
Our Price: $189.95
Envy 2015 KOS Heist Complete Polished and Teal PROTO Street Lube Wax Black Grape Scent Aztek Anthem Fork Gold
Aztek Anthem Fork (Gold)
Our Price: $69.99